Apartments.com regularly offers live webinars with industry experts to help its advertisers generate more response from their online advertising.

Living Social: A Digital Footprint in Marketing

February 12, 2015 :: Webinars

Living Social: A Digital Footprint in Marketing Date: February 12, 2015 Time: Noon CST Presenter: Ryan Perez, Vice President of Marketing, Landmark Apartment Trust Register Now!   By now, you’ve probably heard dozens of facts and stats about why you

Think Like a Technologist

January 8, 2015 :: Webinars

Breaking Down Organizational Silos to Create A Better Marketing Strategy Presenter: Lauren Curley, Marketing Director, Landmark Property Services, Inc. Watch Now!   Years ago, technology was under the purview of our back-end business processes, more focused on enterprise needs than

Conflict Resolution: What Not to Do

November 13, 2014 :: Webinars

Conflict Resolution: What Not to Do Presenter: Brandon Mathis, Director of Sales & Marketing and Conflict Resolution Specialist, Phillips Management Group Watch Now!   Let’s face it. People don’t always see eye to eye. At one point or another, there

Email Marketing 101

October 9, 2014 :: Webinars

Using Email to Successfully Reach Renters Presenter: Liz Ryan, CEO, Relish Tray Media Watch Now!   Think email is dead? Think again! With all of the communication channels available today, email has held steady as one of the most popular

Marketing to the Power of ONE

September 11, 2014 :: Webinars

How Smart Brands use 1:1 Digital Marketing Strategies to Fuel Sales and Deliver a Great Customer Experience Date: September 11, 2014 Time: Noon CST Presenter: Joel Book, Principal, Marketing Insights-ExactTarget, a salesforce.com company Watch Now!   Today’s consumers are more

Increasing Resident Retention in Your Apartment Community

August 14, 2014 :: Webinars

Increasing Resident Retention in Your Apartment Community Date: August 14, 2014 Time: Noon CST Presenter: Rusty McNeely, Marketing Director-Kaplan Companies Watch Now!   One of the biggest ongoing challenges property managers face is resident turnover. While some of your residents’

Tips for Effective Renter Surveys

July 10, 2014 :: Webinars

Tips for Effective Renter Surveys Date: July 10, 2014 Time: Noon CST Presenter: Karen Courtright, Independent Market Research Professional Watch Now!   Are your residents happy? What things would they change about living in your community? A great way to

Digital Marketing Today

June 12, 2014 :: Webinars

Digital Marketing Today Date: June 12, 2014 Time: Noon CST Presenter: Bill Szczytko, Director of Information Technology-Maryland Management Watch Now!   The digital landscape is changing rapidly. Craigslist leads have dropped dramatically. Mobile has changed the SEO space. Content strategies

Lead Management

May 8, 2014 :: Webinars

Best Practices in Lead Management Presenter: Esther Bonardi, Industry Principal-Yardi Marketing Solutions Watch Now!   Leasing doesn’t happen by accident. It begins with leads… and continues when you manage and nurture the lead. Then, it starts all over again when

Social Media Monitoring

April 10, 2014 :: Webinars

Social Media Monitoring: Look Who’s Talking Now! Presenter: Terra Ickes, Customer Education Manager, Sprout Social Watch Now!   The growth of social media has made it easier for companies to connect and interact with customers. What are renters saying about

Getting Found Online

April 8, 2014 :: Webinars

Getting Found Online: Navigating Today’s Digital Marketing Trends Presenters: Esther Bonardi, Industry Principal-Yardi Marketing Solutions Susan Bryant, VP of Marketing & Media Sales, Apartments.com Bill Szczytko, IT Executive, Maryland Management Leah Etling, Digital Content Strategist, Yardi Watch Now!   In

Marketing Your Community

March 13, 2014 :: Webinars

Presenter: Arthur Kosmider, Director of Property Marketing at TGM Associates Watch Now!   As demand for rental housing increases, so does competition amongst communities, making it more important than ever to make an impact. How do you ensure your advertising

The R-Rated Session

February 13, 2014 :: Webinars

Ratings and Reviews Presenter: Robert Turnbull, Co-Founder of RentAdvisor Watch the recording!   Whether shopping online for shoes, a restaurant recommendation or even your next home, more people are using ratings and reviews websites to aid in their decision-making process

Build Brand Awareness Online with Remarketing

January 9, 2014 :: Webinars

Presenter: Jessica Seter, Google Account Manager Watch the recording!   Connecting with renters throughout their rental search is more important than ever. With competition increasing significantly in the online space, there’s a chance some consumers do not see your community.

How to Create Great Content

November 14, 2013 :: Webinars

Presenters: Jen Ribble, Content Strategy Manager, ExactTarget Sarah Katz, Content and Community Manager, Apartments.com Watch the recording!   You share information with residents through newsletters, emails, flyers, social media and more. With so many ways to reach residents and prospects,

Crisis Management

October 10, 2013 :: Webinars

Crisis Management Presenter: Peggy Hale, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Training for Morgan Properties Watch Now   Imagine a catastrophic storm or devastating fire hitting the core of your apartment community. Think it can’t happen to you? Think again!

Fair Housing

September 12, 2013 :: Webinars

Fair Housing and Leasing: Get Your Questions Answered and Your Answers Questioned! Presenter: Anne Sadovsky, Certified Speaking Professional, Author and Consultant Date Recorded: September 12, 2013 *Please note that Fair Housing laws change frequently. This webinar is intended to be

Content Marketing for Multi-family

August 8, 2013 :: Webinars

Content Marketing for Multi-family: Earning the Love Your Community Deserves! Presenters: Monique Pouget, Director of Content Marketing for Thunder SEO Amado Candelario, SEO Manager for Apartments.com Watch Now In 2013 content is still king, but how valuable and effective is

How to Help Customers Fall in Love with Your Community

July 11, 2013 :: Webinars

Stop Selling – Start Wooing! How to Help Your Customers Fall in Love with Your Community Presenter: Rommel Anacan, President, The Relationship Difference Watch the webinar Too many leasing agents make the mistake of believing that the sales process begins

Leveraging Social Media

June 13, 2013 :: Webinars

In this edition of Apartments.com Training Series Live!, Virginia Love, Vice President, Leasing and Marketing at Waterton Residential, will share tips on how to make the most of social media at your community and ways to track the ROI of your efforts.

Training Series Live: A Year in Review

May 9, 2013 :: Webinars

Throughout the year, we were accompanied by 11 incredible guest speakers and trained over 2,000 multifamily professionals! We covered a variety of topics, from promoting reviews to search engine optimization, helping you stay ahead of industry trends. Join us for this special anniversary session as we highlight the top tips from each webinar!

Online Media in the Multifamily Housing Industry

April 11, 2013 :: Webinars

Reap the rewards by allowing social media to do the work. Join Apartments.com with bestselling author and online marketing expert C.C. Chapman as he shares the principles and philosophies you must embrace to find the success you seek.

Tips & Tricks for Managing & Promoting Reviews

March 14, 2013 :: Webinars

Join Apartments.com and Erin Jones, Leasing Manager at Lomax Properties, as she shares ways she promotes reviews at her property and the value it delivers.

Preferences of Today’s Renters

February 14, 2013 :: Webinars

Apartments.com engaged Slack and Company with Erickson Research to complete an unbiased study to obtain information on today’s renter. The study was designed to uncover renter trends, renter longevity and lifestyle preferences among different demographic groups and categories of renters. Join us to see what we found!

275 Ways to Impact Resident Retention

January 12, 2013 :: Webinars

Apartments.com Training Series Live! is kicking off 2013 with a brand new webinar, focusing on resident retention with our special guests Jen Piccotti and Lia Nichole Smith from StatisFacts. The webinar will cover everything you need to know about resident retention. Topics will include the myths and realities of resident retention, how to establish and sell your value to residents, and how to have conversations about lease renewals.

Community Reviews

November 8, 2012 :: Webinars

Join us as we talk with Chris Brown, Vice President of Product Management of Apartments.com, as we discuss tips and ideas on how to utilize Community Reviews at your property.

Increasing Exposure in Your Market

October 11, 2012 :: Webinars

Join Apartments.com and trusted PR agency the Salmon Borre Group, as we uncover tips and ideas for how to leverage public relations and publicity to increase exposure for your property in your local area.

Big Impacts on the Small Screen: The Importance of Online Video

September 13, 2012 :: Webinars

Join Apartments.com and Patrick Grandinetti, Head of Real Estate for Google, as he shares his knowledge on the importance of online video.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO for Smaller Websites

August 9, 2012 :: Webinars

Join us as we talk with Amado Candelario, SEO Manager of Apartments.com, as he shares his knowledge on SEO and website development.

Raising Rent the Right Way

July 12, 2012 :: Webinars

Join Apartments.com with Sarah Greenough, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer from Princeton Properties, as she shares her many years of experience in raising rents and having the conversation.

Advertiser Perceptions and Today’s Renter Reality

June 14, 2012 :: Webinars

Apartments.com teamed up with Slack and Company to develop a comparative research study which examined what the property managers perceive to be true about renters, versus the renters’ actual apartment searching process, attitudes and behaviors.

Reputation Management

May 10, 2012 :: Webinars

Reputation management done right, presented by the Vice President of Marketing from the popular social media management system, HootSuite, Ben Watson.

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