How to Make Your Residents Work for You

Resident Referral Ideas That Work

Date: April 9, 2015
Time: Noon CST
Presenter: Stephanie Graves: Trainer, Motivator and “Crazy Marketing Gal”

When it comes to increasing occupancy, your current, happy residents can be one of your most powerful resources. After all, if your residents love living in your community, they’re probably not afraid to tell their family and friends!

In this edition of Training Series Live!, Stephanie Graves will discuss how a great resident referral program can help you keep your apartments full. She’ll cover:

  • Successful resident referral programs that utilize different methods of recognition rather than just free rent
  • Methods to get your residents to perform outreach marketing and get you leases
  • How you can successfully use resident testimonials to increase occupancy
  • And more!

Stephanie Graves

Presenter Bio:

Stephanie Graves is a dynamic speaker that has been entrenched in the multifamily industry for years. She has tackled all levels of assets from new construction to property-based section 8 to properties that many would think twice about operating. She offers her expertise in property marketing and operations and offers a wide spectrum of insight into the multifamily world. Stephanie has a Bachelors in Communication, holds the CAPS and CAM designations and has completed Advanced Instructor Training for the National Apartment Association; making her NAA Education Faculty. She has held titles from Operations Specialist to Senior Vice President of Operations but prefers the title Trainer, Motivator & Crazy Marketing Gal.

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Living Social: A Digital Footprint in Marketing

Living Social: A Digital Footprint in Marketing

Presenter: Ryan Perez, Vice President of Marketing, Landmark Apartment Trust

By now, you’ve probably heard dozens of facts and stats about why you should be on social media. You’ve probably even set up a profile on a social media network or two. What now?

In this edition of Training Series Live!, Ryan Perez, Vice President of Marketing at Landmark Apartment Trust, discusses how putting together a thoughtful and deliberate social media strategy is one of the best marketing tools you can have. She covers:

  • Creating your social footprint
  • Strategically engaging and retaining your customers
  • Marketing in your social space
  • And more!

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Ryan Perez

Presenter Bio:

Ryan Perez is the Vice President of Marketing for Landmark Apartment Trust. The Tampa based firm consists of approximately 33,000 units with 106 communities. Perez is responsible for all advertising, marketing, social media, online reputation management and the operational based growth of each asset as it correlates to overall visibility and exposure. In addition to overseeing all marketing platforms, Ryan works closely with the operations analytics department to maximize property performance by monitoring, tracking and analyzing performance data portfolio wide.

Think Like a Technologist

Breaking Down Organizational Silos to Create A Better Marketing Strategy

Presenter: Lauren Curley, Marketing Director, Landmark Property Services, Inc.

Years ago, technology was under the purview of our back-end business processes, more focused on enterprise needs than those of the consumer. Marketing served as the creative force that shaped and controlled the brand conversation.

Today, technology allows consumers to be a conscious force in their own brand experience and drives consumers to a real-time, social, mobile world. Marketing is no longer a one-way distribution channel for a highly cultivated advertising message. Technology has empowered the consumer and amplified the customer voice.

Thus, if marketers wish to remain at the intersection point between their customers and their brand, the convergence between marketing and technology is inevitable. In this edition of Training Series Live!, Lauren Curley, Marketing Director for Landmark Property Services, discussed how marketers today need to start thinking like technologists in order to build more effective marketing strategies.

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Lauren Curley

Presenter Bio:

Lauren Curley is the Marketing Director for Landmark Property Services, Inc. where she leads all strategic marketing efforts for Landmark’s portfolio. Lauren brings over ten years of experience in strategic brand development, digital marketing, market analysis, performance benchmarking and training. She is committed to merging the gap between the pace of technological growth and the pace of adoption and implementation in multifamily housing. Lauren is the 2014 Vice Chair of the Central Virginia Apartment Association and sits on the Virginia Apartment Management Association Board of Directors. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

Conflict Resolution: What Not to Do

Conflict Resolution: What Not to Do

Presenter: Brandon Mathis, Director of Sales & Marketing and Conflict Resolution Specialist, Phillips Management Group

Let’s face it. People don’t always see eye to eye. At one point or another, there will probably be some type of conflict at your property – whether it’s among your residents or your staff. So, what’s a multifamily professional to do?

In this edition of Training Series Live!, Brandon Mathis, Director of Sales & Marketing and Conflict Resolution Specialist at Phillips Management Group, discussed how these six (more common than we care to admit) behaviors sabotage our efforts to resolve a dispute or manage conflict and what we should do differently.

  • Offering “standard” solutions to unique problems
  • Forgetting manners
  • Mistaking frustration for a personal attack
  • Hiding behind policies
  • Issuing directives to customers
  • Passing the buck

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Brandon Mathis

Presenter Bio:

Brandon Mathis is the Director of Sales & Marketing and Conflict Resolution Specialist for Phillips Management Group, a regional property management company founded in 1959 operating conventional apartment communities in NC, SC, and GA. Complementing nearly twenty years of industry experience, Brandon completed his Master’s Degree at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, in Conflict Studies and Dispute Resolution in 2010. His continuing work and research interests include dispute system design and evaluation and the application of conflict management principles in relationship selling.

Email Marketing 101

Using Email to Successfully Reach Renters

Presenter: Liz Ryan, CEO, Relish Tray Media

Think email is dead? Think again! With all of the communication channels available today, email has held steady as one of the most popular among consumers. In fact, according to ExactTarget, 93% of U.S. consumers have opted in to receive emails from at least one company.

But the average person’s inbox is full of emails. What can you do to break through the clutter and get your message heard? In this edition of Training Series Live!, Liz Ryan, CEO of Relish Tray Media, shared tips for using email marketing to successfully reach renters. She covered:

  • The importance of text, images and the way your emails render in your subscribers’ inboxes
  • Best practices for managing and growing your email list
  • How to analyze the performance of your emails
  • And more!

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Liz RyanPresenter Bio:

With over 12 years of digital marketing experience, specializing in email marketing and customer retention, Liz Ryan is an innovative thought leader in the field. She has been published in a number of industry publications, including Mediapost’s Email Insider and eM+C, as well as interviewed for DM News and Hubspot. She is an ExactTarget Partner, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Partner, and Hootsuite Partner as well as Marketing Sherpa certified in B2B Marketing.

Marketing to the Power of ONE

How Smart Brands use 1:1 Digital Marketing Strategies to Fuel Sales and Deliver a Great Customer Experience

Presenter: Joel Book, Principal, Marketing Insights-ExactTarget, a company

Today’s consumers are more connected, more informed and more demanding than ever. And they are increasingly loyal to brands that deliver a great customer experience by aiding their product evaluation and purchase process and providing personalized service after purchase. Marketing has shifted from highly fragmented one-size-fits-all mass communication to highly relevant one-to-one interaction where offers, information and invitations must be personalized to the needs, interests and location of the individual consumer.

In this edition of Training Series Live!, Joel Book of ExactTarget discussed the major trends that are transforming marketing and customer service, and demonstrated how smart brands are using 1:1 digital marketing strategies – powered by email, mobile, social media, and websites – to attract, onboard, serve and retain customers. Attendees learned:

  • Key MegaTrends that are driving the convergence and transformation of marketing, sales and customer service and what this means for brands.
  • Examples of smart brands that are using data and 1:1 technology to engage “The Connected Consumer” and personalize and optimize the customer experience.
  • Why “Serving” has become the new “Selling” and why Journey Management is the key to building long-term and profitable customer relationships.
  • And more!

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Joel Book

Presenter Bio:

Joel Book is a Principal in the Marketing Insights group at ExactTarget, a company. With nearly four decades of experience in database marketing, Joel Book has become one of the industry’s leading experts on digital marketing and customer experience management. As a founding member of ExactTarget’s Marketing Insights team, Joel teaches companies how to use customer data, digital media and marketing automation technology to deliver offers, information, and service personalized to the customer’s needs, interests and preferences. He is one of the most dynamic and sought-after speakers in his field because his presentations are packed with examples of how innovative brands are successfully using digital marketing strategies and tactics to acquire and retain customers. Book is a 1976 graduate of the University of Illinois where he earned his degree in Marketing Communications. He is a member of the Business Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association.

Increasing Resident Retention in Your Apartment Community

Presenter: Rusty McNeely, Marketing Director-Kaplan Companies

One of the biggest ongoing challenges property managers face is resident turnover. While some of your residents’ reasons for moving – such as relocating for a job or to be closer to family – are out of your control, many factors are in your control.

What can you do differently so your residents choose to renew their leases instead of move? In this edition of Training Series Live!, Rusty McNeely, Director of Marketing at Kaplan Companies, discussed strategies for increasing resident retention at your community. He covered:

  • The importance of first impressions
  • Why proactive communication is critical
  • How your employees’ happiness plays a major role in your residents’ happiness
  • And more!

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Rusty McNeely

Presenter Bio:

Rusty McNeely has a rare combination of marketing and property management experience. As the former Regional Sales Director and Director of Marketing at AIMCO and McKinley Inc., Rusty has offered and facilitated training curriculums; designed marketing campaigns that have reduced marketing expenses; maintained superior renewal rates as measured against industry standards; and achieved outstanding customer satisfaction ratings through his leadership. His enthusiasm and vibrant personality in his current role as Marketing Director for Kaplan Companies continues to bring proven results.

Tips for Effective Renter Surveys

Presenter: Karen Courtright, Independent Market Research Professional

Are your residents happy? What things would they change about living in your community? A great way to find the answers to these questions is by conducting resident surveys.

Surveys can help you better understand the needs of your residents and identify areas to improve their experience living in your community. And let’s face it. Happy renters are more likely to renew their leases and recommend your community to their family and friends! In this edition of Training Series Live!, Karen Courtright, an independent market research professional, discussed how creating effective surveys can provide you with actionable information to assess renters’ opinions. She covered:

  • Tips for writing effective survey questions
  • An overview of the surveying tools available to you
  • How to interpret survey results
  • And more!

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Karen Courtright

Presenter Bio:
Karen Courtright is an independent market research professional who has worked with for the past several years on customer and renter research projects. She has over 20 years of experience in research, and is definitely an insight geek. Karen has excellent listening and synthesis skills, and can uncover the deeper meaning and key insights from research of all types. Her experience in market research spans both consumer and business-to-business clients in a range of industries including industrial, commercial, manufacturing, financial, service and healthcare. Karen is a natural teacher and enjoys sharing tips and insights with anyone involved in customer engagement.

Digital Marketing Today

Presenter: Bill Szczytko, Director of Information Technology-Maryland Management

The digital landscape is changing rapidly. Craigslist leads have dropped dramatically. Mobile has changed the SEO space. Content strategies can be difficult to implement, especially for companies with budgets that are stretched thin as it is. What’s a savvy marketer to do?

The best digital approach is the one that works for your property’s goals and budget. In this edition of Training Series Live!, Bill Szczytko from Maryland Management discussed some of the many marketing tools available that can help you achieve your goals. He covered:

  • ILS partnerships and their power in driving traffic to your website
  • Creative content ideas for limited staff and budgets
  • How to best use social media (or if you need to use it at all)
  • Successful email campaigns

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Bill Szczytko

Presenter Bio:

You can’t just pigeon hole Bill Szczytko as a normal nerd. He graduated with a Marketing degree right around the time Google was born and spent 4 years spinning his wheels in search of that perfect job. Unable to find the right fit, he went back to school and with some fresh certifications in hand, landed some random computer jobs before settling in at Maryland Management. Over the course of nearly 13 years, he’s pursued new technologies, designed and implemented a fully functioning intranet system, online resident portal and online applications, scanning system, an ILS updater, various integrations with 3rd party vendors and has saved the day on more than one occasion. His previous business and marketing experience have helped him understand his companies needs and has helped position them for a technological future. You can find out more about Bill Szczytko or Maryland Management at hisblog or the company website.

Lead Management

Presenter: Esther Bonardi, Industry Principal-Yardi Marketing Solutions

Leasing doesn’t happen by accident. It begins with leads, and continues when you manage and nurture the lead. Then, it starts all over again when you analyze your results and make good decisions that drive new leads and new leases. Great marketing and leasing results are powered by a process called Lead Management.

In this session, we answered the questions:

  • What is Lead Management or Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
  • How does lead management affect my leasing results and my marketing plans?
  • What are the four keys to successful lead management (CRM)?
  • What tools do I need to start a solid Lead Management/CRM program?

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Presenter Bio:

Esther Bonardi began her career in the multi-family industry in 1987 as a leasing professional, and she never looked back. Over the years, she has served some of the industry’s best and brightest multi-family firms, taking a career journey from on-site management to multi-site management, and eventually landing in her wheel house as a marketing executive. In 2011, Esther made the move to the “solution provider” side of the industry, joining the Yardi Systems team as Industry Principal of Yardi Marketing Solutions, with a passion to connect the multifamily marketer’s needs with the right tools to support the industry.